Assisted Living Facilities Near Poconos

Questions for Your Aging Loved One

It's very easy to get caught up in your own life, and lose sight of the important things: family. As we age, it's more important than ever to spend quality time with our elderly loved ones.

Help your elder move into a new home and receive the care he or she deserves. Oasis Senior Advisors® has years of experience in senior living, and our experienced staff can provide your loved one with the amenities he or she needs to live a fulfilling, comfortable life.


We know your loved one needs the best care possible, and our top-notch amenities and services will make him or her feel comfortable and secure. Oasis Senior Advisors® is proud to partner with a network of local senior care providers to make our facilities well-located and affordable.


Proudly serving the greater Lehigh Valley area, we have created several community options with our partners to provide the best senior care services. Contact us to see if an Oasis Senior Advisors® community may be the best fit for you or your loved one.


With our home based services, you can have peace of mind that your loved one is being cared for. We understand the value of independence and do everything we can to facilitate that lifestyle. Oasis Senior Advisors is a full-service senior living agency that connects senior adults and their family members to the senior living communities and assisted living facilities in Lehigh Valley. We are dedicated to maintaining the highest standards of care for all of our clients.


Oasis Senior Advisors® specializes in senior living placement in all types of senior care facilities, including retirement communities, independent living facilities, assisted living facilities, continuing care retirement communities, nursing homes, specialized dementia care and continuing care retirement communities. If you're a caregiver, or in the midst of caring for an older adult, you know that caring for someone is a big job and that it can be overwhelming.

Senior Housing in Pennsylvania

Oasis Senior Advisors® (OSA) is the most reputable, compassionate and reputable provider of quality Senior Housing and Care in PA. Our in-house, out-of-area placement services specialize in matching seniors with the best communities to match their unique needs. Our specialists provide comprehensive assessments and recommendations. Our team can help you and your loved ones age in place or move into new facilities in the best environment to continue a quality life. If you are interested in more information on our services, please contact us today.


We can help you find your dream home. With our senior living solutions, you can help your loved ones remain independent and live a comfortable life. Contact us for more information.

I have used Oasis Senior Advisors for many years for my parents.



What Is Oasis Senior Advisors?

Oasis Senior Advisors is a senior housing placement company in the Lehigh Valley. Our experienced advisors can help you locate a facility that best meets your loved one's unique needs.

Asking about potential senior living locations can be a stressful and overwhelming task. With the help of Oasis Senior Advisors, you'll receive honest and objective information to find the best senior housing placement. The process is simple, easy and affordable. The key to a successful senior placement is to make it a priority and set an objective. Setting this objective is a great way to stay on track.


Oasis Senior Advisors® has the expertise and experience to provide you with the senior housing placement service you need. Many families may have been through this time before: they have a parent, spouse, or sibling that needs care. They have a home that is being cared for, but they need help taking that home to the next level. They don't know where to look, so they go to Google, or they call their family members, or they ask around. It's not until they ask around that they realize how important it is for them to have a competent caregiver. The time comes when our elders will need care.


How Does It Work?

The key to our success is the Oasis Locator™. This state-of-the-art search engine allows clients to enter basic information about their senior, and then quickly compare the desired amenities of various facilities in Lehigh Valley. We believe that every senior deserves to be able to experience the peace and comfort of a fulfilling retirement, while living in the most affordable setting possible. Oasis Senior Advisors® can help you find the perfect match, and this is only the beginning of what we can offer. If this is your first stop, rest assured that we have all the amenities of a thriving community to offer, while having the added comfort of affordable rent.

Our communities are designed to meet the special needs of those who live in them. Our committed staff, attractive rentals and an affordable rent make us the perfect solution for seniors needing a change of scenery.


We have helped seniors age in place for over a decade now and understand their needs. Our experts assess each client's particular needs and build the perfect home for them. Our long term relationships with seniors give us the experience and knowledge to

How Do I Know If My Loved One Needs Help?

Oasis Senior Advisors® is the best Senior Housing Placement service in the Lehigh Valley. Our experience and network make it easy to find a senior facility that best meets your loved one's unique needs. At Oasis Senior Advisors®, we understand how difficult this time can be. Our Senior Living Advisors are dedicated to making the process easy and stress-free. We are dedicated to providing honest, compassionate support for you and your family.

Oasis Senior Advisors is the premier Senior Care Options organization in the Lehigh Valley. Whether you need help finding the best possible home for you or your loved ones, we can help.

We specialize in helping seniors or adults with disabilities to find the perfect senior home that will fit them and their needs. As part of the process, we work with you and your family to create a customized plan that will make your home search easy, organized and thorough.


Give us a call today and schedule an appointment to discuss the options and make sure your loved ones are given the best care possible.

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There comes a time when our beloved elders will need more care than we can provide them with. If that moment has arrived at your doorstep, Oasis Senior Advisors® can help lead the way. Our senior housing placement services in Lehigh Valley , bethlehem, nazareth, easton, stroudsburg, and windgap, and Macungie are meant to help families find the perfect assisted living solution for their loved ones, and best of all, our services are completely free.

We love working with our friends in the lehigh valley, bethlehem, nazareth, easton, stroudsburg, and windgap

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