Luxury Home Builders Near Scranton

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Robert K. Ace Jr. Construction has over a decade of experience building quality custom homes in the Poconos & Lehigh Valley. We offer a wide range of custom home designs and options to meet all of our clients’ unique building needs and lifestyles. Whether you are looking to build your first home and anticipate the needs of a growing family, or whether you are looking for that special secluded luxury home with all of the upgrades for retirement, we can work with you to create the home that will go above and beyond your expectations.
We love working with our friends in the Lehigh Valley, Bethlehem, Nazareth, Easton, Stroudsburg, and Wind Gap

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-Luxury Home Builders near Lehigh Valley #Stroudsburg #JimThorpe #LehighValley #scranton 
-Luxury Home Builder near Stroudsburg #Stroudsburg #JimThorpe #LehighValley #scranton 
-Luxury Home Builders near Scranton #Stroudsburg #JimThorpe #LehighValley #scranton

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