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Physical therapy is the most effective and conservative type of intervention available for back pain available in the Lehigh Valley #Allentown #Bethlehem #Nazareth #Easton. This video describes three ways physical therapists at Transform Rehabilitation of the work to get rid of back pain and show how these techniques can help you on your own even if you're not local to one our Lehigh Valley health locations https://transformrehabiliation.com
Our proven techniques incorporate simple tests and exercises for:
Directional Preference
Core Stability
Lumbar Mobility

Back pain is a really common condition, and for many very tricky to figure out how to fix. Like so many others you may feel as if you've tried every exercise, stretch, or medication without the relief you've been looking for. And there are likely about a million products and services out there that claim to eliminate back pain, but unfortunately many if not most just don't work.

Physical therapy is the better choice. Due to advances in medical knowledge physical therapy has been shown to be the most effective and conservative intervention technique available. At Transform Rehabilitation, we use specific tried and true movement techniques to help eliminate back pain. These strengthening and stretching exercises serve to correctly identify the source of and decrease your back pain. The tricky part when using these physical therapy techniques is no one responds the same way. Everyone is different so we can never predict how your body will respond to our physical therapy interventions. As much as we would like to do so, we can't just give you a list of exercises, and Voila you're your back pain is  completely cured. So what we need to do is take a little time and try a few things to figure out what works best specifically for you.

One way we go about this process is by first finding a directional preference for your back. We generally do this through a technique called repeated motion testing. Your back will usually feel better after performing a specific motion that it likes repetitively. A lot of times people feel better after doing repeated prone press extensions, and depending on the motion or exercises that make you feel good, we can determine what stretches to do, helpful exercises for you, and what motions you should avoid. We will also find out where we need to strengthen your body.

Another thing we usually look at is core stability for those with pain in their back. Back pain will almost always instinctively cause you to rest certain muscles to avoid activating your core. This then makes you more sedentary to avoid increasing your pain. Furthermore, prolonged inactivity, even after a few days will generally cause your core muscles to become weaker and more vulnerable to injury. So we train to re-engage your core, and we make it a focus to strengthen you in the four parts of the core - the abdomen, the lumbar musculature, the pelvic floor, and the diaphragm. We will take the time to accurately assess each one of these important areas and determine which of them needs the most upfront attention. Then we start training you to properly activate all four parts of the core equally .We do this with simple, functional motions to make sure you're not at risk for injury.

The third thing we look in relation to back pain at is spinal mobility. So when someone tells us their back is painful, the first thing that happens is someone becomes stiff and rigid. This is a protective response to prevent pain, but many times people will accommodate a more rigid trunk and stay like that most of the time. Well, you might think that a stiff trunk is a strong trunk, but don't be naive. This is not the case. In nearly all instances, mobility, or lack thereof, is a strong indicator for weakness and instability. Having a full range of mid-section motion is important, but remember we also have to make sure that you're strong through that motion. You need to have good control in every degree of your range of motion.

If you are interested in getting rid of your back pain for good, let's figure out what works best for you. Contact Transform Rehabilitation Physical Therapy for personal care and the information you need to recover and thrive.

#Back Pain Help in the Lehigh Valley #Allentown #Bethlehem #Nazareth #Easton

#Physical therapy for #Back Pain in the Lehigh Valley #Allentown #Bethlehem #Nazareth #Easton


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