Musicals In The Lehigh Valley

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Sola Gratia is a book, a play, a musical.

By means of drama, storytelling, poetry, and song, a message of redemption, faith, and God’s unconditional love and grace can provide inspiration and hope during unsettled times.

Do you know someone struggling with addiction? A friend, a child, a spouse?

Are you struggling with the disease of addiction?

If you’ve done something terribly wrong, are you paralyzed by regret, guilt, and shame?

Do you question a God who would allow terrible, even horribly tragic, things to happen to people whom he loves? To people whom you love

Are you struggling to make sense of it all?

Is fear the driving force in your life?

If the answer is “yes” to any of these questions, the story of Sola Gratia will inspire and enlighten you. It is a story about everyday people who wrestle with these very problems and anxieties.

Be drawn into a fantastic world of engaging entertainment – emotional highs and lows, beautiful and captivating music, and imaginative storytelling.

Learn some important things about history you may not have known.

Be enlightened as you ride an emotional rollercoaster from tears to laughter, from heartbreak to joy…from tragedy to redemption.

Be moved, be renewed, be uplifted by Sola Gratia (By Grace Alone)!

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