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Top 10 Tips for Tax Preparation

Preparing your taxes can be a complicated and confusing process, but it doesn't have to be. There are many steps you can take to make the process a bit easier. We've put together a few of our top ten tips for better tax preparation:

1. Save your receipts

2. Tack down your deductions.

3. Start off early.

4. Begin with the biggest expenses first.

5. File with a firm that specializes in your area of tax preparation.

6. Take time to do the math and ensure the numbers make sense.

7. Do it right the first time.

8. Don’t be afraid to pay a professional.


10. Give yourself a small pat on the back.


It may seem like a no-brainer, but don't overlook the value of the receipts you get from your shopping trips. You don't want to wait until your taxes are due to try and sort out your receipts and jot down the amounts of purchases you made. To do so, you'll need to first have all your receipts handy, and you'll need to spend several minutes going through each receipt to see what was purchased and at what price. You'll then need to remember where you had this specific receipt stashed and when you bought it.

Then, you'll need to record the purchase on your receipt, as well as note the transaction date and any sales tax collected. This can be a tedious and time-consuming process. You'll need to record the purchase and transaction date on your receipt. You'll also need to remember to categorize the item purchased and keep track of the receipt amount for each category. After all, a receipt may have several categories. Also, make sure that you record the cashier name. This may be especially helpful if you make the purchase by cash. Cash is often exchanged for a more favorable exchange rate than debit or credit cards.

Local Tax Preparer in NJ

Corvino and Verwys is an established New Jersey law firm that specializes in tax preparation. We work with individuals and businesses to understand their tax situation and help them take advantage of any tax benefits available. We can prepare your tax return for the Federal Individual Income Tax or the New Jersey State Income Tax. Our team of highly experienced, experienced professionals will work with you to ensure the best tax relief is achieved. We also provide the following services in the areas of criminal law, civil litigation, real estate, estates, and bankruptcies.


We have helped thousands of clients over the last few years by providing them with the best legal representation and advice. Our law firm provides top-notch service with integrity and respect for our clients.

What to Do If You Get Audited

If you get an audit, it's not the end of the world. You are not alone. Anyone can get audited. However, there are some ways to reduce your risk of getting audited if you are prepared.

A tax audit is one of the biggest nightmares any taxpayer can ever face. It is not something you should take lightly. You need to have a plan in place to combat the stress that comes with an audit. Once the IRS opens your tax return, they have the authority to examine all aspects of your return and may challenge any deductions, credits or sources of income. These challenges could range from disallowed credits or failure to report a business or rental activity. This could lead to an audit by the IRS.

Audits are very rare these days, but if you do get audited, you are not alone. There are several million taxpayers in the U.S. that have gotten audited at some point in their life. Most are not notified about the audit until the IRS sends a letter in the mail. If you get a letter from the IRS, you have been selected for an audit.

In addition to your letter, the IRS will also send a Form 2210 to you with a due date of June 15. This is the notice of your examination. Once you receive this letter and Form 2210, it is time to seek the help of a tax preparation specialist.

Corvino & Verwys has been serving the Lehigh Valley and surrounding area for over 30 years and has a proven track record of being successful for our clients. We have delt with exactly what you are going through 100 times over. Let us help you through this process and relieve some of the stress that comes with it.

Tax Preparation Help near Lehigh Valley

We understand that the first step in the tax preparation process is understanding how the IRS will view the information we provide. From a Tax Preparer perspective, it's important to understand what the IRS wants in a tax return to ensure we are providing the right information to the IRS.

Our Tax Help Center is the answer for any Tax Preparer near Lehigh Valley who needs help to prepare and file their taxes, especially those who have a complicated tax return. Our experienced tax preparers will help you file your taxes efficiently. We have prepared thousands of taxes for our clients from all over the United States. We have years of experience in tax preparation and can help you with the most complicated tax forms and situations. Our tax preparation staff can help you understand how to file your taxes properly, without tax prep software.

Corvino and Verwys can help you file your taxes and get back all of your hard earned money.

If you are in need of a tax preparer, we can help you. Our tax preparers are available for your personalized and confidential appointment. Your confidential information will be kept private.

Tax Preparation is a complicated process, and a one-size-fits-all approach will not work for every taxpayer. There are many tax scenarios, each of which requires a unique solution. We provide the tools necessary to identify these complexities, and deliver results that are both accurate and cost-effective.

We make the process simple by working directly with you in your home, in our office, or over the phone. If you have questions or concerns regarding your tax situation, we are here to assist you. Call us today at 610-242-0405.

We are located at 16 S. Broadway, Suite 4, Wind Gap, 18091. Gives us a call as see how we can help you today!

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With Over 40 years of solving problems with the IRS and the State, we provide an extensive range of services to help taxpayers in trouble.

Do you have Unfiled Tax Returns?
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Our firm has helped THOUSANDS of  taxpayers resolve individual and business IRS problems!

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