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Spray Foam Insulation provides a complete range of insulation services. We specialize in the application of spray foam insulation, the choice of product by builder and contractor, as a professional insulation installer and problem crawl space repair company. Knowledgeable, flexible and honest – we offer a full range of spray foam insulation services to solve any indoor or outdoor insulation problem.


Spray foam insulation, or insulation foam, is a common choice for cold weather climates. When applied properly, spray foam insulation protects building envelopes from the extremes of hot and cold. We offer a full service spray foam insulation and insulation repair service that can be applied to any type of structure, including warehouses, factories, commercial buildings, retail, schools, hospitals, and even greenhouses.


Sprayed Foam's Icynene™ insulation system is the choice of architects, engineers, and contractors worldwide. Icynene is the only spray-applied insulation system that allows you to match the building’s exterior walls and reduce its R-Value by 50% without removing insulation. It can be sprayed over exterior insulation and be made of either spray foam or fiberglass, it can be spray foamed over a factory-applied insulation or sprayed on to existing blown cellulose insulation. The outer surface is available in a wide variety of colors. Icynene has a low emissions profile and can be customized to meet your green building requirements.


We specialize in cost-effective and innovative Spray Foam systems. For more than 30 years Spray Foam Technologies has developed and delivered a variety of Spray Foam systems for the manufacturing industry. Our systems are based on an open-design and open-source philosophy that allows the flexibility to develop and implement solutions for virtually any application. For example, our compression filler solution is ideal for small and large bottle filling operations.


Our staff is knowledgeable about building science and is skilled in the applications of spray foam insulation. Spray foam is the most versatile and durable insulation material on the market. Spray Foam Industries has the knowledge and experience needed to meet the insulation needs of any project. Our experts specialize in the spray foam insulation industry and are equipped with extremely powerful tools. Whether you need high density or low density spray foam insulation, our experts have the knowledge to recommend the ideal product for the job.

Spray Foam Technologies can ensure you get the best value for your home by providing a full suite of options. We’re here to give you a professional answer every time. Based on the job site and customer input, our specialists have the knowledge to recommend the ideal product for the job.

How Spray Foam Technologies Works

Spray Foam Technologies Inc. uses a mixture of polyurethane and polyethylene to produce spray foam. This material fills open areas in buildings and structures to improve insulation, prevent moisture build-up, improve acoustics and correct energy loss. When we hear "insulation", we typically think of something that protects us from the cold or heat, and most conventional insulation products fall under that category. However, not all insulation is created equal.

How do we know what kind of insulation is best for our home? How do we know if spray foam insulation is right for us? How do we know if we need a commercial roofer or a roofing contractor? How do we know if we need insulation or an indoor air quality expert?

We have been building homes and fixing crawl spaces for over 40 years. Our team of experts is here to help you and provide you with any information that you made need through the process.


While conventional insulation is still the go-to choice for many people, Spray Foam Technologies has been developing and providing high-performance spray foam insulation products since 1985. The market has evolved and as a result, the Spray Foam Technologies product line has become even better and more versatile than it was at the start.

The Spray Foam Industry

Spray Foam, or applied-in-place polyurethane foam (IPF), is a form of insulation that's sprayed into walls, roofs, and attics to reduce air infiltration and reduce thermal conductivity. By filling the voids in the structure, the insulation can create a barrier to the transfer of thermal energy from the interior to the exterior. The sprayed material also creates a seal to prevent moisture and air infiltration. Over the past decade, the insulation industry has witnessed a rise in the use of spray foams. As a result, these have become widely used and popular to protect and insulate building structures. The use of spray foams is becoming a standard in the construction industry, because of its ease of application and minimal curing time. In addition, the use of spray foams is widespread because of its low volatile organic compound (VOC) emissions. It also requires a minimal amount of heat and humidity, which helps make it an environmentally friendly product. However, it has been noted that not all spray foams are created equal. Some are more appropriate for certain construction applications

The Future of Spray Foam

Spray foam has become the insulation of choice for residential and commercial projects because it's energy-efficient, creates a continuous barrier, expands to fill any voids and can be used to seal any gaps. It also reduces air leakage by an impressive 50 percent or more in many applications. Why is spray foam insulation better than fiberglass and rockwool? It's better for the environment, better for you, better for your project. Fiberglass, rockwool and many other insulating materials that are used in wall, ceiling and attic insulation are very good for the environment because they are made from recycled materials. Another benefit of fiberglass, rockwool and many other insulation materials is that they require little or no maintenance. If there are any problems, you can just call our experts. Fiberglass, rockwool and many other insulating materials can be found at any building supply store.


The insulation helps keep your home warm or cool by keeping the heat or cold in your home or building. If you live in a house, building or apartment, your walls, ceiling and attic are an important part of your home’s.


Give us a call today and see how we can change your home energy costs and keep you and your family as comfortable as possible.


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With over 40 years of experience, Spray Foam Technologies is a full service insulation provider. We’re experts in commercial building insulation, residential insulation and problem crawl space repair. Providing the industry’s best spray foam insulation, cellulose insulation, and fiberglass insulation solutions.

Our Spray Foam Insulation Cost May Be Considerably Less
Our spray foam insulation project cost may well be considerably less than other quotes you’ve gotten. So before you sign an expensive contract or look for a spray foam insulation kit in Home Depot, Lowes, or online from Amazon that will probably give you lackluster or poor results, give us a call – 570-629-5090.

Don’t forget to ask us about why spray foam insulation r-value may not the best indicator of energy efficiency and comfort level for your home or business. We’re one of the original foam applicator contractors and will be glad to answer all of your questions and provide a Free Quote.

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