Mold Inspection And Testing Near Lehigh Valley 

Mold Inspection and Testing near Lehigh Valley

The Importance of Maintaining Good Indoor Air Quality is paramount for the health of your family. The team at Advanced IAQ solutions, Inc can help you make your home the perfect living environment.

How Mold Can Harm Your Family

Mold can grow anywhere that moisture and mold spores are present. Moisture and mold need to be eliminated and not just controlled to help prevent the harm that can come from mold. The mold that can exist in your home can actually be a health risk. Mold has been linked to a number of diseases and respiratory problems. Mold spores can easily make their way into the air and can easily be inhaled and enter the lungs. When you go to the doctor with an allergy, it can be a difficult diagnosis for your physician to make, but the best way to diagnose a mold allergy is with an allergy test. This is the most common allergy among children. Symptoms of mold allergy include itchy skin, coughing, wheezing, shortness of breath and runny nose.


The most common places for exposure to mold is near standing water or a wet basement. The mold spores can be inhaled, swallowed or absorbed through the skin. During humid, rainy weather the spores can be carried by wind, rain or airborne particles.

Signs that your home has Mold:

  • Vapors
  • Odors
  • Green or gray mold
  • Your eyes burn
  • The shower walls, sink and mirror fog up
  • Flaking paint
  • Water spots on walls, ceilings, mirrors and fixtures
  • Yellowed ceilings and walls

What to Do When You've Found Mold in Your Home

Mold can be found in almost any area of the home, but it is most likely to be seen in warm, damp areas, such as kitchens and bathrooms. It should be treated right away. First, you should consider whether you can remove the source of the moisture, or if you must repair and/or replace any drywall or other building materials. However, if you must remove the source of moisture, we highly recommend that you hire a mold inspection company in Northville, MI, to ensure that your home's interior is safe.


Mold is a very hazardous fungus. A mold infection can be very serious. It can also be difficult to detect, but the sooner you have a professional inspection, the better your chances of surviving the issue.

The Importance of Maintaining Good Indoor Air Quality is paramount for the health of your family. The team at Advanced IAQ solutions, Inc can help you make your home the perfect living environment.It is critical to ensure that your indoor air quality is very good and that the air inside your house is comfortable. Advanced IAQ Solutions can help you to make your home a pleasant place to live in.


Clean Indoor Air Can Improve Your Health


Air quality refers to the quality of the air in a specific space. Typically, a person measures the air quality by looking at several different elements that can affect the air quality. These elements include things such as particles in the air, the humidity, and the temperature of the air. Most people focus on one of the two main elements -- particles or humidity -- in order to measure how clean the air is.


Other things to consider when measuring the air quality of a home include:

  • An ideal home should have very low levels of dust, allergens, humidity, smoke, and other pollutants. These factors have a direct effect on your health and the health of your family.
  • Odor is another important factor to consider.
  • There are numerous ways to clean your home including:
  • C leaning with H2O and/or HEPA filters
  • Running your vacuum and/or carpet cleaner
  • Baking with baking soda and vinegar
  • Adding essential oils to your home (optional)
  • Indoor air quality is a critical part of overall home health.


Benefits of an Air Purifier for the Whole Family

The cleaner the air, the healthier you will be. Good indoor air quality is imperative to preventing illnesses and reducing toxins in your home. Here are just a few ways an air purifier can benefit your whole family.


You and Your Kids Won't Get Sick as Often.

If you're like most people, your life revolves around kids. They're the reason you wake up, they're the reason you sleep. Because of their constant activity, the things they eat and drink, and the things they're exposed to, indoor air quality for a household is an ongoing concern.

Things we do in our home affect the air in our home and that affects our health.

Our home is the place where we spend the most time and our health is dependent on a clean environment. I know that for me, things I did to improve my air quality greatly enhanced my overall health. I am sure that it will be the same for you. When it comes to air quality, we know that anything from dust, pollen, mold and other allergens can become an issue when we are not able to control or eliminate them. The symptoms that can occur from poor indoor air quality are anything from allergies and asthma to a great number of other illnesses. The professionals at Advanced IAQ solutions, Inc understand the importance of having indoor air that is free of these and many other types of pollutants. With the right products, our clients can improve the quality of air in their homes and ensure that everyone can breathe easily indoors. Needless to say, the Importance of Maintaining Good Indoor Air Quality is paramount for the health of your family.

What to Do When You Have Health Problems that Are Linked to Mold

We want to help you if you are faced with health problems that might be linked to mold. Contact us today and we can help you figure out what's going on and what needs to be done. When you have mold in your home, it can be dangerous. You can even risk your health and that of your family. But that is why it is very important to have a professional come and help you determine the best way to fix this problem.

Professional Cleaning is the key to a healthy indoor air quality. When you have a professional come in and give you an honest assessment of the air quality in your home, you can gain control over the contaminants.

The team at Advanced IAQ solutions Inc. are experts at the assessment of indoor air quality. They are able to provide you with the most current and accurate information. This information can then be used to design an effective indoor air quality plan to eliminate the most dangerous contaminants in your home. If you are looking for an indoor air quality contractor to help you assess your current air quality and design a plan for your home, contact us. The health and safety of your family is our top priority.


Quality indoor air has many benefits. One of the most important is that it reduces your family's exposure to airborne mold. There are many different types of mold and each has its own health effects. Some types are carcinogenic (causes cancer), some are neurotoxic (toxic to the brain) and some are allergic.


Health effects of indoor mold can range from allergies to irritable bowel syndrome to cancer. Research has shown that certain types of mold can be a significant health hazard to your family.

In addition to causing illness, indoor mold can pose a threat to your home's structure and finish. Mold can degrade the finish of the walls, ceilings, and floors. It can eat away at the baseboards and carpet. Mold can also reduce the air quality of your home.


Have the Advanced IAQ Solutions, Inc team investigate your home to determine the presence of mold and bacteria. Let us help you make your homes air quality as clean as possible. Call today to make an appointment and have one of our air quality experts assesses your home air quality.


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The Importance of Maintaining Good Indoor Air Quality
If you pay attention to current events, you’re no doubt concerned about the quality of air in our atmosphere, what with dire predictions about pollution, greenhouse gas emissions, and global warming and the SARS coronavirus. That said, most of us spend a lot more time indoors than out, and we should pay equal attention to the quality of air we breathe inside our homes.  Even if you’re a healthy adult, poor indoor air quality can have a negative impact over time, and it can be especially detrimental to small children, the elderly, and anyone who already has respiratory, skin, or other conditions, or those who are immunocompromised.  Ensuring good indoor air quality with HVAC is wise at the best of times, but during a pandemic, or even a bad flu season, it becomes even more important.

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