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The book series are on George Washington that any child or adult can read and learn more about our nation’s first president. What is your opinion on George Washington? Did you know he was a Freemason? That he was a Spy for the Virginia Militia during the French and Indian War?


To learn more about George Washington in these books I focus on the dramatic story behind the life of America's greatest president and the man who inspired many Americans to become s

soldiers. He was an army officer and father of eight children. In my book "Colonel John Patterson and the Battle of Trenton", I present a biography of his life and military service. I also tell about how George Washington commanded an army, during one of the most critical points in American history.


During the American Revolutionary War, George Washington led the continental army in the pivotal battles of Trenton and Princeton. His leadership helped to defeat the British Army.

George Washington was the first President of the United States. As the commander of the Continental Army, he was the primary leader of the war effort during the Revolutionary War. His leadership during the Revolutionary War is what enabled the United States to win independence. George Washington has been recognized as the most decorated general in American history and is revered as a national hero.


George Washington's story is one of the greatest and most inspiring in American history. The man behind the myth has become the inspiration for countless other men and women. He is a legendary leader and one of the greatest figures in history. He is the father of our country and a national icon. It is an honor to know George Washington.


Washington has lived through so much history, and he continues to live through history. He was the first president of the United States. He fought the War of Independence. He lived through the Revolutionary War. He was the first president to sign the Declaration of Independence. He was the first president to win the Revolutionary War. He lived through the War of Independence. He was the first president to sign the Declaration of Independence. He was the first president to win the Revolutionary War. He lived through the Revolutionary War. He was the first president to sign the Declaration of Independence.

"The Books"

As a member of the military George Washington lead the fight for our freedom as well as the young democracy we live in today. He was put into power by the people not just any king or queen. The colonies saw to it that he was elected into office by the people. He also became the first president to actually speak about why we have the freedoms we do today. This is very insightful for any individual or nation to see why we have the freedoms we do today. It is part of my children's history curriculum. It helped me learn the importance of the founders and their role in our current world.


The subject of the book is George Washington and the American Revolution. But the history is also what makes it stand out. Jeff Finegan is known for his ability to write historical fiction. This book does not only speak to the American Revolution but also to our country's current social issues. Finegan has a lot of respect for George Washington as a man and as a leader.


The book has been described as "The Harry Potter of the United States History textbook." I had that description thrust on me while in school. I enjoyed reading historical fiction, so I tried my hand at writing one myself. And to my surprise, it became my passion and I wrote four books of American History in the years that followed. Inspired by the thought that George Washington would have been a fiction writer. His character would have been a great storyteller. That thought sparked the idea for my book series.


• This series is based on the historical fiction story line of George Washington.

• The series is a biographical adventure story.

• Each novel is a complete story.

• All of the characters are based on real people.

• Each book in the series is written by a different author.

• There are currently 4 books in the series:

• The Early Beginner's Guide to George Washington: The First President's First Steps

"A Brief History of the Books"

The third book, "Be True To Your Self" follows George's rise to power. The fourth book "At the Sign of a Black Horse" is about Washington's friendship with a young Indian. I had the pleasure of meeting George Washington's nephew, Major Ridge, in 2002 and was told about the friendship that developed between Washington and Indian Nathan Hale. Nathan's life and his trials and tribulations have always resonated with me.


"At the Sign of a Black Horse" was my response to the question, "What if George Washington had found a young Indian among his ranks?" The story takes place at Valley Forge in 1778. The sign of a black horse stands for the sign of a black animal, a bison. The sign was given to him by a young Indian. George Washington was known to be a strict religious man, but he was also known to be a tolerant one. He did not believe in killing the bison.


George Washington was born on February 11th 1732 in Fredericksburg, Virginia. George Washington was the first President of the United States of America. He was also known as "The Father of Our Country". He was born to George and Mary Washington. He was the first President of the United States of America and had 11 children. He was a farmer, fighter, patriot, statesman, scholar, and leader. He was not rich but he was not poor. He had no college education but he was an excellent businessman, negotiator, and diplomat.


"George Washington"

Reading this inspired me to get to be a lot like George Washington. He trusted his men and they trusted him. He would not boss them around; he would listen to their suggestions and talk to them. He was fair and would respect all men, no matter what race or age they were. George Washington was not a selfish man. He was a very selfless man. He was a great leader for our country. I mean he was a true leader. He was a great leader for our country.

"The Most Popular Books"

The book series and audiobook on George Washington is a favorite of many people. The book series and audiobook are historical fictional. The books take you behind the scenes with George Washington and allow you to see his character and character flaws. The books are easy to read for all ages and George Washington is a great person to learn about. He was born into an era where the words he spoke and what he stood for would change the course of history. When you read the books you can learn more about the American Revolution, the Constitution, and the foundation of our nation.


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The "I knew George Washington" series is a unique collection of stories on the “father of his country” as told from the perspective of historic figures who were closely associated with him.

Selected to narrate each book are individuals who, based on their interaction with George Washington, came from distinctly varied walks of life. Together with Washington, they are not only witnesses to his failures and successes, but to the most incredible events in world history.

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