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Budget-friendly kennels in the Poconos

Searching for a boarding facility in the Poconos has never been easier. There are many locations, each of which offers a wide range of services and amenities. You may be looking for the cheapest or most secure place to leave your dog. And maybe you have never had a pet before.

There are many options, each of which offers you a different quality of care for your beloved pooch.

The best choice for your dog may be located out of town. There are plenty of dog kennels for boarding in the Poconos that offers your dog a warm, comfortable place to stay while you are away on business. Each kennel for boarding offers their dogs with a specific diet, which can be an advantage or disadvantage, depending on what you are looking for in a boarding facility.

If you want to avoid a food issue with your dog, then you should take advantage of the variety that each kennel for boarding offers. Here are some of the best kennels for boarding in the Poconos area.

When you want a dog boarding kennel in the Poconos, then you should check out Trifecta Kennel. This is the most popular choice of people who are looking for a dog boarding kennel in the Poconos area. Trifecta Kennel is known for its high standards and excellent care staff that will treat you pet as if it their own.

"Our Philosophy on Grooming"

Trifecta Dog Kennels owners believe that grooming is not just about the actual cut or style, but more about making sure that your dog feels comfortable and secure at all times. The end result should be a happy dog.


 “I have spent a lot of time looking for a dog grooming shop. I chose Trifecta because I knew the owners and I trusted them to take good care of my dog. When I brought my dog in for the first time, the owner took a thorough history and examined the dog to make sure there were no medical issues. This was very important to me because I have had many dogs over the years and they have all had their own unique personalities.”


We have a pretty set routine for grooming and bathing. We always get a feel for the dogs’ personalities when we get to spend time with them; we want to avoid any surprises. When I feel that I know them, I get my grooming routine going. It's the same for bathing. I want to make sure that your dog get the best care possible and also know that we are there to help.


Therefore, before we walk in the door I ask questions that will help me get to know your dog, Questions like:

  • How often do you go to the groomer?
  • Do you have a favorite breed?
  • Do you have any particular grooming needs?
  • Do you have any allergies?


These are all questions that will help me understand your dog’s personality and make sure they have a great experience.


The owners of Pocono Trifecta Dog Kennels have spent years perfecting the grooming techniques for all breeds of dogs. The staff is highly educated and experienced. The grooming area is located in a clean, spacious and modern space, and all guests are welcome to come in and meet the Trifecta team.


We are a small dog grooming business located in Gilbert, Pennsylvania, but our team of professionals can offer the same grooming experience anywhere in the area. Our team has the experience, skill and knowledge to give your pet a great grooming experience. We will take good care of your dog.


Why Trifecta Dog Kennels?

  • Our staff and clients have great reviews
  • We have great client retention
  • We are a business owned by people who live in the area and who care about the pets.
  • We know the pets of our clients and we work with them to


We have lots of options available for pets in need of grooming and medical treatment. We have a variety of products that we use to give pets a good experience. We want our clients to know that they can trust us and that we will do everything we can to give their pet a good experience. We invite them to come to Trifecta Dog Kennels and see for themselves. We also want to put a strong face to Trifecta Dog Kennels and to prove to our clients that we are the best in the area.

We want to let people in the Pocono Mountains know that we are the best kennel in the area and that we treat our pets with love and respect.


We offer both pet grooming and boarding in a safe and secure environment. Our boarding area is a place for your pet to feel safe and secure with room for up to 14 dogs. We also offer full kennel services. We can take care of all your dog needs. We want to be the best dog grooming service in the area and the top choice for pet lover. By staying consistent to our services and our name since 1979 we hope to maintain the good reputation that we continue to cultivated in our community.


The word is spreading in the Pocono Mountains that Trifecta Dog Kennels offers the best grooming experience in the area. We want to be the top choice for pet lovers. The best way to achieve this is to let people know that our grooming is the top choice in the area. Being on the top of the Pocono Mountains best businesses and on our customers minds is truly our goal. Let us be your first call whenever you need your dogs groomed.


It's important that people know who we are. This includes knowing what we offer, what our prices are and how we differ from other grooming establishments. We are a dog grooming establishment in the Gilbert, PA. We offer some of the highest quality, healthy, and friendly dogs. We don't just groom dogs, we are involved with dog nutrition, dog health and disease prevention. We also offer boarding. We provide high quality care, individualized service, and are committed to making sure that you and your dog


We offer great prices for grooming and boarding dogs. Our prices are a fraction of the cost of other grooming services. We love dogs, but we love our jobs even more! We are passionate about what we do and our clients are always happy to have us work for them. We provide a dog walking service and pet sitting service as well as grooming. We offer grooming services for pets that need their teeth cleaned, their nails clipped and their ears cleaned. We also provide a dog walking service that is aimed at meeting dogs’ needs and keeping them happy and healthy. This is our most popular service offered to the public.


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Trifecta Kennels has been in business since 1979 and offers a wide range of services including but not limited to Boarding, Day Care, Training, Grooming, Supplies and Equipment.

Our facility is the best in the region, and most if not all area veterinarians use our services. Our atmosphere is tranquil, country with meadows, shade and 6 acres for the dogs to enjoy. We also have the areas only private Dog Park for your dog to play & roam in during their stay.

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